Leadership Development

What is leadership development?

Leadership development can be described as a set of activities used to develop the skills and right behaviours inside an organisation so that the managers can become effective authentic leaders who can lead the organisation to be successful and sustainable.

Leadership development programmes are not a panacea for all corporate ills. They are one tool in a wider toolkit, comprised of values, processes, procedures and systems used by the organisation in their efforts to be agile and successful in an ever-changing business landscape.

Is leadership development important?

Leadership development for an organisation is as important as breathing is to a human being. The pandemic, like any other crisis in the human history, has showcased the necessity to have inspiring, empathetic leaders who care about their employees and guide them with confidence through turbulent, uncertain times.

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Are leadership development programmes worth it?

The success of a leadership development programme depends on many factors:

  • Setting specific achievable and realistic goals which are aligned with the corporate values and goals
  • Top management’s commitment and their own participation to the programme
  • Buy-in from employees; clear communication plan about the programme’s goals and handling of any objections
  • Employees and managers’ wholehearted participation

My Process

I have run many leadership development programmes with great success, following the process below:


Define the business need

Every leadership development program should be linked directly with the business needs. It should address a specific need and everybody needs to know about it.


Define the leadership development programme’s objectives and deliverables

The programme’s objectives and deliverables are part of the business goals and should be aligned with the corporate values.


Codesign the leadership development programme with the key stakeholders

Every company is unique and I adjust the design and content to address each organisation’s needs, involving the key stakeholders in the design process.


Communicate the programme and get buy-in

Anticipating any objections and addressing any concerns in a timely, convincing manner is crucial for the overall success of the leadership development programme.


Implement the programme

Every leadership development programme I have implemented was based on experiential learning and included a combination of delivery methods and tools from different modalities (individual executive coaching, group coaching, NLP, meditation) to address the participants’ unique learning styles and preferences.


Ask for feedback and present findings to HR/top management

Participants’ feedback, key stakeholders’ feedback and personal self-reflection are the basis of my report back to management to inform them about the return on their investment.

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Case study

Leadership development programme in Intracom Telecom accredited by International Coach Federation

38 managers, scrum masters and product owners

to build and enhance the participants’ coaching skills

Method of delivery:
In-class group workshop, individual coaching sessions, group coaching session, group meetings

18 weeks

What clients say about my work

I had the honour to meet Marina while I participated in a 6-month coaching program, organized recently in our department. Marina organized and run it, in the best way, combining theory and practice in a perfect balance. I am impressed by Marina’s professionalism, experience and knowledge on the coaching aspects. She is such a positive person that it’s very easy for her to motivate people and share her passion for coaching. Personally, I feel that I gained a lot by attending this program. It’s always easier to learn anything, when the person that is teaching you loves the topic. And when it comes to coaching, Marina is such a person!

Dimitris Tzoumakas
Line Manager at Intracom Telecom

Marina has organized and run an internal coaching program for almost six months in our organization, in which I had the honour to participate as a scrum master. The program she prepared which was accredited by the ICF, had the right mix of theory, workgroup and individual coaching sessions. Reflecting on the program effectiveness and the impact it has on my professional life, I must say that it helped me to understand and follow the ICF core competencies, helped me to grow my coaching skills, and increase my confidence on individual and team coaching. In general the program met and exceed my initial expectations. The success of this program is related to Marina’s professionalism, deep knowledge, experience, coaching skills, commitment and willingness to support! As her coachee I admire Marina’s for her kindness and calmness, her availability when needed, her unique style to challenge my comfort zone and her love for coaching! I really enjoyed having Marina as a trainer, mentor and coach and I am very happy for that!

Nikos Batsios
Agile Coach, AKT, CSP®, ICAgile Authorized Instructor

In my personal opinion it was the best course that I have ever attended on the subject. It was short but focused, comprehensible, with a good balance between theory and practice, to the point, fully adapted to the needs of the organization, one that made quite an impact on the participants. The coaching skills that she demonstrated fully met my expectations and, no doubt, I recommend Marina for the delivery of such services to individuals, teams or organizations.

Yannis Sarantopoulos
Operational Unit Manager at Intracom Telecom