Career Development

Why career development is important

Career development is important because it’s one of the many reasons employees want to stay in a company. After the ‘Great Resignation’, people choose to stay in their companies not only for the salary and the benefits but also for the development opportunities and their sense of purpose.

If a company can offer career development opportunities as part of a wider narrative which showcases its philosophy, values and impact on the environment and the society, then it has more chances to retain their best employees.

Especially small businesses which often cannot afford to offer as high salaries as the larger ones, the provision of individually tailored career development opportunities show employees that you really care about them and their progression.

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Why career development can improve employee engagement

After the pandemic, the war for talent is fiercer than ever before.  The ‘Great Reshuffle’ is real, and employers are struggling to keep great talent. The share of US LinkedIn members changing jobs has risen by 30% compared to 2021, and 21% compared to 2020 (Source: Linkedin’s economy graph March 2022).

Companies are competing for the same – limited – talent pool and candidates are the ones who choose the company they will work for based on their personal values, career aspirations and style of working.

Employees engage more with companies whom they feel they care about their wellbeing, potential and contributions. By having a fair and transparent career development system in place, which clearly states the criteria for career progression, the skills which are required for such and the career trajectory an employee can have inside the company is very important.

In the latest Linkedin’s Economic Graph in March 2022, employees say that opportunities to learn and grow is the #1 driver of great work culture, but only 52% of employees feel their manager encourages the use of work time to learn new skills.

What clients say about my work

I have worked with Marina during the last year and I trust her intuition and insight. She has well-rounded knowledge of the market and experience from various functions which make her career coaching credible. She is open, trustworthy and passionate about helping other people, qualities that make her a valuable partner in personal development.

Alexis Antonopoulos
Sales Director Southern Europe – Airports, Airlines and Governments at SITA

Marina is dynamic, confident and has a great work ethic. Marina is extremely knowledgeable on career development and talent management; she is certainly one of the experts in recruitment.

Vangelis Foukalas
Head of IoT

I have known Marina for over 15 years having first met her in an international context. Marina is a highly experienced and trained HR professional who combines working experience in large multinationals with personal attributes such as honesty, rigour, empathy. She is always ready to listen to her colleagues, providing useful and constructive suggestions and accompanying the person all along the journey to reach the established objectives. I would recommend Marina for any managerial and coaching job.

Michela Tagliaferri
Business Development Manager at Generali Employee Benefits